musculature of the dorsal region A. Dermatome STTHS B. Schleratome C. Myatome D, Syndectomel u ny yo 28. After somite fission, messenchymal cells produce epithelial covering around the somites complete with fibronectin and “Cadherin” for adhesion. choouma 2 aA A. Fissure Formation B. Somitigenesis C. Epithelialization D. PARACRINE Facters E 29.Expressed gene segments within the somites form specific structures A. Specification and differentiation B. Components of somitigenesis C.Somites and their derivatives D.Somitic mesoderm or Paraxial mesoderm 30. vertebrae and rib cartilage A,.Myatome B. Schleratome C.Dermatome D.Syndectectome 31. During neurulation, somites begin to form from the “paraxial mesoderm ASomitic mesoderm or paraxial derivatives B. Somites and their derivitives C. Regions of the mesoderm D. Components of Somitogenesis 32 either side of neural tube. Produces connective tissue structures- bone, muscle, cartilage. dermis, -Somitic mesoderm or Paraxial mesoderm A. True BFalse 33.Notochord, Paraxial mesoderm, Intermediate mesoderm, Lateral plate mesoderm-Division of the Somites A. True 8. False 34. Dermis of the dorsal area -Dermatome A. True B. False 35. The separation of individual somites from each other, Requires “tyrosine kinases” (proteins) for separation to occur properly- Fissure formation A, True B, False 36. Chordamesoderm. Formation is induced along with the neural tube-> Notochord A. True B. False 37. -paracrine factor and specific protein (myoD) induce myotome formation and the synthesis of muscle from expressed muscles specific genes. -muscle formation relies on cadherins for attachment and calcium ions for development and contraction A. Miogenesis B. Somitogenesis C. Osteogenesis D. Notochord 38. musculature of the dorsal region A. Schleratome B. Myotome C. Dermatome D.Syndectatome 39. the separation of individual somites from each other; requires “tyrosine kinase” protein for separation to occur properly A.Epithelialization B. Regions of mesoderm C. Tissue formation D. Paracrine factors 40. involves the clock and wave mechanism periodicity fissure formation epithelialization specification and differentiation A. Specification and differentiaononir B. Regions of Mesoderm C. Paracrine Factors Component of somitogenesis D.

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