1. Explain at least three reasons some people are hesitant about getting the Covid19 vaccine? Use at least two sentences to explain each reason or concern. In your readings how are these concerns addressed?, with what arguments are readers assured that there is no reason to worry?  (at least 6 sentences total).
  2. In general, how do vaccines work? Use at least 5-6 sentences 
  3. How do the three Covid19 vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna and J&J) that have received emergency used authorization by the FDA and are being administered in the US work? Do these vaccines protect against severe cases of Covid19? Use at least 5-6 sentences 
  4. Name and explain a few different things that have been done (or are being currently done) to assure the safety of the Covid19 vaccines? Use at least 5-6 sentences 
  5. How would you argue in favor of receiving the Covid19 vaccine? Use at least three arguments.  Use at least two sentences to explain each argument (at least 6 sentences total).

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