What are the genes of the B cell receptor on variable region? and what are the genes expressed in T cell receptors variable ?

Please explain how to purify plasmid DNA from bacterial cells.

Explain the last step in the procedure (step 23). What did you use to elute DN and why (Nuclease Free Water or TE buffer)? 5. How many fragments are you expecting in the restriction and what size?

hat is a biological benefit of some HER2 kinase inhibitors outside of kinase activity inhibition, and how can this be exploited pharmaceutically? Please use detail. 16pts.

Describe the metabolic phenotype known as the “Warburg Effect”, and comment on how it led Otto Warburg to incorrectly conclude that mitochondrial respiration was damaged in cancer cells. What evidence/data suggests he was wrong? (short paragraph)

Why Do Cancer Cells Utilize Glycolysis Over Respiration

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