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Explain the difference in high air pressure and low air pressure. Include the type of weather and winds associated with each.

Imagine you are watching a weather report on the NEWS, list 8 things you are guaranteed to hear the meteorologist say in that report. Also, next to each item, list the instrument used to find that particular information.

INTERPRETING THE GEOLOGIC HISTORY OF THE GRAND CANYON The Grand Canyon in northern Arizona is one of the most spectacular examples of stream erosion in the United States. The walls of the canyon are nearly 100 miles long and I mile deep. These excellent exposures of Paleozoic strata in the canyon make this is one of the best areas in the world for illustrating geologic history (see Figs. 2.27 and 2.28). Answer the following questions by studying the geologic cross section of the Grand Canyon (Fig. 2.28). a. What is the name of the oldest rock unit in the cross section? b. Which is older, the Zoroaster granite or the Grand Canvon super sup? c. For the rocks exposed in the Grand Canyon, number each of the unconformities pre- sent and label its type. For each of these unconformities, list any geologic systems that may be missing and make a calculated estimate as to how much geologic time (in years) is missing. (Use the Geologic Time Scale, inside back cover UTAH ARIZONA Freed PARIA RIVER PLATEAU HURRICANE PLATEAU KANAB PLATEAU NEVADA CANYON 35 ECHO KAIBAB por 40109 378 LEDGE UINKARET KANA PLATEAU PAINTED CLIFFS. SHIVWITS WASH RIVER DESERT PLATEAU GRAND COLORADO AUBREY C (S COCONINO CA SCALE PLATEAU NO – FIGURE 2.27 Location map of Grand Canyon cross section TRASSK CEDAR MOUNTAIN GROUP KAIBA RIM OF CANYON PERMAN TOROWEAP COCONINO HERMIT RESPLANADE” SUPAI REDALL REOWALL DEVONIAN TEMPLE BUTTE MUAY GRAND CANYON SUPEROR BRIGHT ANGE TANGE TONTO PLATFORM 1 TREA ARE TAPLAR INNER GONO PRECAMARAN FIGURE 2.28 Casaction or Grand Canyon

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