The double bonds of an unsaturated fatty acid are: Very reactive b. Modestly reactive a. Not very reactive c. d. Not at all reactive 28. Depot fats ((adipose tissue)) of fish contain several long-chain unsaturated fatty acids not present in significant amounts in other animal fats. Evidence indicates a protective effect of fish oils against atherosclerosis in humans. True, true b. True, false False, false d. False, true a. c. 29. The process of forming glycogen from absorbed sugars. Hyperglycemia b. Glycogenesis a. Glycogenolysis C. d. Gluconeogenesis e. Hypoglycemia 30. Glycolipids are fats containing carbohydrates True a. b. False 31. Zeranol is a sterol used as a growth implant in beef cattle. True a. b. False 32. The non-essential amino acids as well as several of the essential ones are glucogenic, which means they can undergo gluconeogenesis. True or false? True a. b. False 33. Diabetes is common in cattle at the peak of lactation and in sheep in late pregnancy. True or false?

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