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. Explain the importance of beverages in the restaurant industry? (10 pts) 2. Explain how beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) incorporated (part) in one’s life? (10 pts) 3. What are the challenges in operating beverage establishments? Justify your answer. (10 pts) 4. Enumerate the different types of beverage establishments and explain the difference of each. (10 pts) 5.- Enumerate the different types of wines and explain the difference of each (include as well the recommended glassware for each wine). (10pts) – List in detail the steps in properly serving wine (5pts) 6. What are the ethical responsibilities (Law; Liquor Liability) of a server and bar business operators regarding intoxication and over consumption of alcoholic drinks? (include in the explanation when is the time for you to refuse serving the customer/ guest). Justify your answer. (15 points) 7. What are the different types of beer? Explain the difference of each (include as well the recommended glassware for each). (10 points) 8. Why is it important to conduct major inventory control in bar establishments? Expound on your answer. (10pts) 9. Enumerate at least 10 glassware and 10 essential bar tools and write what it’s used for. (10 points). 10. Expound on the specifics of Alcohol Laws in Canada (10points).

What could sport organizations put in place to prevent or manage athlete transgressions? Use specific examples to support your case.

Determine the impact of external factors on the supply chain and business profitability: Changes to legislation, regulations, and/or government policies.

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