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Explain the main challenges for the organisation’s operations. Advise management of the strategic approaches available to them in handling this shift, taking special consideration for any possible operational issue that might arise.

Choosing Among Finalists for the Job of Human Resources Director Assume that NII, after weighing its options, decided to use the following selection methods to assess applicants for the HR director job: résumé, cognitive ability test, job knowledge test, structured interview, and questions (f) and (g) from the list of generic interview questions. NII advertised for the position extensively, and out of a pool of 23 initial appli- cants, three finalists were chosen. Shown in the accompanying exhibit are the results from the assessment of the three finalists using the various selection meth- ods. In addition, information from an earlier résumé screen is included for pos- sible consideration. For each finalist, decide whether you would hire the person and why. Exhibit Results of Assessment of Finalists for Human Resources Director Position Finalist 1- Lola Vega Finalist 2- Sam Fein Finalist 3– Shawanda Jackson Résumé GPA 2.8/SUNY Binghamton B.B.A. Finance GPA 3.9/Cornell University B.S. Human Resource Mgmt. 5 years’ experience in HRM • 4 years in recruiting GPA 3.2/Auburn University B.B.A. Business and English 8 years’ experience in HRM • 3 years HR generalist 20 years’ experience in HRM • Numerous HR assignments • Certified HR professional . 4 years No supervisory experience 15 years’ supervisory experience compensation analyst 5 years’ supervisory experience Cognitive ability test 90% correct 78% correct 84% correct 98% correct 91% correct 68 75 Knowledge test 94% correct Structured int. 85 (out of 100 pts.) Question (f) Ability to influence others To do things you want to do Promotions and earnings Question (g) Golf, shuffleboard Spectator sports Basketball, tennis

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