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Explain the method that you think companies could use to set strategic objectives and give a good reason why you think this approach will be successful.
Explain why and how most of the projects will get through the workplace stage of the idea and move on to the process of beginning something / actions you are doing to achieve an organizational stage.
Describe the method that you think companies could use to set strategic objectives. Include a reason why you believe this method would be effective.

Explain the strategic goals of the business and how you will communicate with the project team. Explain how you measure the effectiveness of your strategic goal communication. Describe the relationship you feel exists between strategic goals and projects.

locate two methods you believe would produce an effective way to select the most critical and most beneficial projects for an organization.

Find two ways you can count on choosing the most important and profitable projects for the organization. Describe the two project selection methods you found. How to describe the goals and strategic planning factor of the organization in the selection process for the two selection methods described above. Explain how each selected method benefits quantitatively as part of the selection process. Explain what you would think if you used the “weighted scorecard method” as part of the project selection process.

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