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Explain the type of research (basic or applied) that should be applicable on the following situations. Also explain the reasons whether an internal or external researcher should be called in, in the following situations.


  1. The Gulf War has clearly indicated the need for sophisticated technology in the production of armaments. The CCC Company which had supplied some of the successful strategic weapons to the U.S., anticipates a demand for and an opportunity to produce more of these in the future. The profits could be sizable. However, expanding its operations multi fold involves several critical decisions— e.g., estimating demand, enhancing production capabilities, pricing, pinning down supplies, and a host of other factors. CCC would like to make a head start on this and deploy a team of consultants to examine the various factors and to make strategic recommendations.
  1. The existing machinery in the production department of the pioneer company has had so many breakdowns of late that production has suffered. There is no doubt that the machinery has to be replaced as soon as possible, but because of heavy investment costs, a careful recommendation is needed from expert as to whether it is cost effective to import the equipment outright or its better to lease it by considering the current cost in the host country local market from whom the company will do the purchasing.
  1. The H.R. director of a company desires to find a solution to the company’s problem of excessive turnover during the last three years.

More than 50 Warid employees have charged the company with discrimination and an additional 100 are preparing to file complaints with the federal government

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