Explain the working principle of variable gas pressure bio gas plant with a neat labelled diagram and also write one advantage and one disadvantage of using this bio gas plant.

Directions: Have to use google earth from google! Thank you!

  1. Open Google Earth and turn off all selections in the “Layers” pane in the Google Earth sidebar by unchecking the boxes, then do the same for the “Places” pane.
  2. Follow the directions below.
  3. The worksheet questions are shown here. However, you will need to go to the next page in this module in order to answer them. It would be best to write your answers down while working in this page, then enter them later.

Question 1

Type the word “Iceland” into the search field in the upper left of the Google Earth window and hit enter. Look south of Iceland until you find the mid-Atlantic Ridge. Follow the ridge just south of Greenland where it abruptly shifts to the East. Use the Ruler tool to draw a circle around this area and take a screenshot of the circle.

Worksheet question:

Upload the image that you just took.

Question 2

Look carefully at the feature that you just circled.

Worksheet question:

What type of geologic feature caused this offset in the mid-Atlantic Ridge? Explain your answer in 1-2 sentences.

Question 3

Use the Google Earth Ruler to measure the distance between Washington, DC and Lisbon Portugal in km. Assuming that the mid-Atlantic Ridge is growing at 2.5 cm per year, estimate the distance between these two cities one million years in the future.

Worksheet question:

Enter the distance between Washington, DC and Lisbon Portugal now, and 1 million years in the future.

Question 4

Use Google Earth to examine the mid-Atlantic Ridge from Iceland to near South America. Why do you think the ridge does not follow a straight line?

Worksheet question:

Explain why the mid-Atlantic Ridge does not follow a straight line in 1-2 sentences.

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