The mandible articulates with the skull at the styloid process occipital condyle mandibular fossa mandibular notch zygomatic arch mastoid process QUESTION 147 The anterior depression on the humerus is called the 1 the 1 This receives the 2 of the 3 when the forearm is 4 Which of the following is the correct answer to #1? o olecranon process coronoid process radius coronoid fossa olecronon fossa QUESTION 148 The structure with which the atlas inferiorly articulates with is called: foramen magn superior nuchal line occipital protuberance glenoid fossa occipital condyle odontoid process QUESTION 143 Which of the following describes the brachial artery? O ends at the opening of adductor magnus muscle ends at the lateral border of the first rib O terminates at the inguinal ligament terminates at inferior border of teres major muscle ends at a point over the pisiform bone begins at the opening in adductor magnus muscle begins at the inferior border of the teres major muscle QUESTION 144 A tendon connects: muscle to muscle muscle to fasciae bone to muscle bone to bone bone to fasciae QUESTION 145 The tail-like collection of spinal nerve roots located at the inferior end of the spinal cord is referred to as the cauda equina filum terminale O conus medullaris lumbar enlargement Асоссух

Explain three ways a muscle can increase the force of a concentric contraction.

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