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Imagine placing an electronic order to hire an employee the same way a factory manager uses ERP software to order more parts for the assembly line. That’s roughly what’s happening at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). “More and more, HR is being called upon to be a strategic partner,” says Joe Tonn, manager of HR management systems at OHSU in Portland. The payoff is significant: The university is filling job openings two weeks faster than it once did and saving at least $1,500 per job now that it’s using Oracle Corp’s Recruitment software. The Rescuitment application, part of Oracle’s e-Business Human Resources Management System (HRMS) suite, enables managers to request a new employee and process applications electronically. The software handles most of the time-consuming administrative work, including routing requisition forms to the appropriate managers and posting the job on the Web site. “We wanted to be able to open a job requisition in the morning and have qualified candidates in the afternoon,” says Tonn. In fact, OHSU now has access to applicants only minutes after a job opening is posted to the university’s Web site, and it fills those jobs in just four weeks instead of six or more. The university also recently added Oracle’s Manager Self-Service module for logging changes to employee status (e.g., promotions or use of family leave) and uses the Oracle Employee Self-Service application for benefits management. Tonn expects to add software for performance reviews, succession planning, and learning management over the next couple of years. 1. What are some of the business benefits of the technologies described in the case? (1 Mark) 2. Do you think the business value of these strategic HRM applications depends on the type of business a company is in, for instance, consulting, manufacturing, or professional services? Why or why not? Explain. (2 Marks 3. From your understanding of chapter 7. explain 2 Corporate intranet uses for HRM. (2 Marks) 4. From your understanding of chapter 7. Explain two ways employees can use HRM for self- service. (2 Marks)

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