Match the item with the appropriate location. Each location is used once. Sclavicie Talibone 8. Frontal bone CAnde Mastoid Foramen The Adas Occipital bone magnum Cheek bone F.Stermum . Maxillary bone Hand and foot Calcaneus bone First cervical vertebra I. Shinbane Fontane es Tarsal bones Sella Turcdica Ethmoid bone Palm of hand M. Scapula N. Shoulder bone Upper jaw Sphenoid bone Femur QCranium Vomer E Zygomatic bone ACocryx bone Nasal seprum Collar bone Inferior to the femur Heod of temur fits into this socket Thigh bone Crest of the hip bone Temporal bone U. Illum Middle Nasel Conchae Patella M. Mandible Phalanges

What are the primary functions of the CNS CS fluid?

2. What unique properties define the CNS and its fluid reservoir that make these things possible?

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