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Explain what duress and undue influence is and the difference between the two.

Team Activity Suppose that the university decided to build a train system to transfer students from one place to another in the campus. 1. Design a Morph chart for this project? 2. What would be your preferred design alternative? 3. How many alternatives can you get? Teams which already have chosen their Design Project should Answer these question about their own projects. 26 W 7.1 – Ch 7 Generating Design Alternat. (26/28) 8 8 35 to search

Discuss the relationship between the IPO and ITO models with project success dimensions. Give original examples – maximum of three paragraphs.

what are some pros and cons of a flat(tier 1), hub and spoke(multi-tier), and hybrid supply chain(one or more hubs)? Materials will come from a main distribution center and spread out to different dealer warehouses. How will customer service change and affect cost? 

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