During expirtion the dighragm c capilaries moves contracts downwand, away from the lungs b. contracts, upward, towands the hungs relaves downward, away from the lungs d relases: ueward, towards the lungs 13. Which biood vessel returns oxveenated blood into the heart b. inferior vena cava- coronary sinus d. superior vena cava c pulmonary vein. 14. Which of the followinge is/are found in an alveolus? macrophages simple squamous epithelum rfactant d. all of these 15. Carbon dioxide is caried in the blood mast commonh bound to hemoglobin as a bicarbonate lon c. dissolved directly in the plasma d. in its gaseous form 16 blood can be found in the blood vessels surrounding alveoll of the lungs. Deoxygenated b. Onygenated c both A &B 17. For gos exchange to occur into the tissues, the partial pressure of must be greater than its partial pressure in the tissues a. in the blood carbon dioxide b. nitrogen d. water c. oxygen 18.

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