in Calvin cycle of phythesis. C are roduced to produce compounds such glucose What cofactor is the electron door fe 720 +999999 23. Where we the biofcectroport chain located in techondria for the cellular respiration c) in m e (b) outer membrane (d) both me 24. The flow of protons during the light reacties of po thesis is from the aid to and back to thylakeed space through the ATP (a) The (b) Fale 25. Which of the following process takes place only is the stone of chloplast (a) Calvin cycle (0) Ghootras b) Krebs cycled cheris 26. The cine acid cycle can produce (a) NADH (b) FADH 27. The alcohol fermentation proches (a) to only ethanold Co (b) lactate only f) lactate and Co. 25. Which of the following polymers of glucose is used as a vehicle to see hergy reserved in plaat fc) FADY al NADPH c) FADHE NADI HO 34. Is the electro-transport caini chloroplast ther e of dectrums comes from (HO () NADPH dico 35. Cellular reputation can take place in both animal cells and planells False 36. What is the bes of active cartier elecules NADH produced in circ acid cycle femen gue mokouke? (A) 6 NADH NADH ( 4 NADH 2 NADH 37. Which of the following usely exclusively on glycolyte to ply them with ATP a) bic cells c) animal calls (1) antic celle di plant cells 38. The high energy phosph i de bead in Are is to break and (a)cary, roses (c) cry, requires (b) hard, quires (d) hand, dieses 39. The syme in glycolysis that means ATP is (a) adlase (b) anime (d) a dehydrogenase 40. Fatty acids can be used in cellular respiration by Sint being converted into (a) aleate prova (h) sety-Con luce 41. How many CO molecules a les ca produce after going through colle ction (c) glycogen 42. The one that can the electron transport chain to build up a proto adient which then drives the production of ATPs throch ATPN is fa c ing cellular respiration h) Preto (d) both band 29. In the final scop of the citric oxid cycle valoacetate is regenerated though the oxidation of walate and this is coupled with the production of which the molecule CANADA (IGTP () FADH: 30. The link between bend i ng reactices and membrane transport processes in the m achondria is called fal electron tras (c) ATP synthesis (b) proto pramping d) chemi otic coupling 31. In the like reacties of phosathesis, light wergy is hansesed to produce (a) ATP only (c) Glaces al (b) NADPH only (d) hoths and b 32. The light reaction of photosynthesis helps to build up protons in the of chloroplast (c) intermembrane space (b) matrix d) thy lakuid space Remember to write your name on her Seat (a stres

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