which is optimized for movement 3. In fungal development, the fusion of parental cytoplasms occurs during 4. During the mycelium of opposite types come together to begin reproduction 5. In fungi, the change from diploid zygotes to haploid spores is known as 6. In zygomycetes, the sporangiospores are contained within saclike 7. Bryophytes produce sperm in specialized structures known as 8. Gymnosperms bear “naked” seeds which develop within the Fertilization occurs when male enters the female reproductive structure. 9. Metabolic activities are handled by tissues while structural support is provided by the 10. A germinating seedling gives rise to developing stem and leaf tissues within the shoot 11. The acts as a barrier preventing solutes from entering the central plant tissue and also preventing water from leaving these tissues. 12. Owing to the arrangement of multiple leaflets, leaves are better suited to handle predation and infection. 13. A short distance solution to liquid transport, is achieved by exploiting the of water 14. Leaves are coated in a which helps to prevent water loss and the weighing down of the plant

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