What happens to receptive fields as information is passed up the hierarchy What information is encoded in the dorsal and ventral stream The four “stages” of sensory perception and the exception to this rule Examples of sensory association cortex The sensory and motor neurons in the motor system and what they do How information is encoded in primary motor cortex

How our retinas create color receptive fields What are the receptive fields of basilar membrane and auditory cortex How does our auditory system allow us to spatially locate objects? What “receptive fields” code for in the taste and olfactory systems What do receptive fields in V4 and V5 code for?

How immunohistochemistry works What histological methods are used for Different human-friendly imaging techniques and their limitations What fMRI measures and if fMRI measures action potentials What are Optogenetics and DREADDs are and what they are used for

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