What is an inherent problem with stable transfection that does not occur during transient transfection?

A Too much of the target protein may be expressed

B Expression of target protein may affect additional pathways

C Insertion of the construct may disrupt an endogenous gene

D The target protein may be more sensitive to proteolysis

2. What is NOT one of the useful features of adding a myc or FLAG tag to a protein in a construct?

A You can identify exogenous proteins versus the endogenous version(s)

B It protects the protein from proteolysis

C It will allow selective recovery of the tagged protein by immunoprecipitation

D It allows use of commercially-available antibodies when there are no existing antibodies for your target protein

3. Tet-ON and Tet-OFF systems are very similar in their overall design and use similar components. However, why is Tet-ON in many cases a superior approach than Tet-OFF?

A There can be residual mRNA that remains after activating a Tet-OFF construct

B Tet-OFF systems require more serum

C Tet-OFF systems more frequently result in excess expression of target proteins

D Tet-OFF systems are less stable

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