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Explain what is “anecdotal evidence”. What are the associated challenges when using solely “anecdotal evidence”? How can we create “consilience” in using “anecdotal evidence”? Why is consilience important when it comes to framing one’s opinion and understanding?

what is the maximum profit avaiaibe for the shoe cleaning company to operate with 20 min of cleaning10ml of shoe cleaner, and 30 min of drying time for leather shoes. 30min to clean canvas shoes 25 ml of shoe shoe cleaner and 1 hr to dry; for suede shoes 45 min of cleaning 20ml of shoe cleaner, and 1 hr of drying.

Labor/hrCleaning solution/mldrying time/hr
Max Z=
Max Z= $10.00×1+$15.00×2+$20.00×3
subject to

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