What is eedysis? Which phyla belong to the group known as ecdysozoans? FOR ALL PHYLA, STUDY DIAGRAMS THAT I GAVE YOU AND KNOW THE CHARACTERISTICS BODY PARTS UNIQUE TO EACH GROUP, Know structures that I told you to circle and know. Know the phyla – know the names of the phyla and what organisms belong in each phylum. Know innovations and structures unique to each phylum. Know unique structures (radula, spicules, nematocysts) – in pictures and descriptions Most of this type of material will be via matching-type questions: match the structure to the phylum name, match the organism to the phylum name. 12. You will want to complete this chart, but we have not yet finished discussing this in class. So, leave this blank for now and you will complete it later, after we discuss it in class. Problemen de proach Cate or Be able to recognize what one phylum has that a previous phylum or phyla don’t have, and how these innovations are helpful. If I give you two different types of organisms, you should be able to tell me how they are similar to AND different from each other. Be able to recognize photos/drawings /descriptions of animals and special structures. If I give you a photo of a particular animal or structure, be able to identify the group to which it belongs. 13. How are sponges different from the rest of the animals? Explain

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