In my genetics classes through the years, 205 of the 975 students have received a grade of F (sorry). If this is due to a recessive allele at a di-allelic single locus gene (rather than the more likely cause of failing to study hard enough), what values would you estimate for p and q in this population if it is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium? Show your work. (2 pts) B. Let’s say we could actually determine the numbers for the individuals who did not receive an F with respect to the (we’ll call it the) S gene (for smart) and we got the following results for the SS and Ss individuals: 286 SS and 484 Ss. What would you say about this population with respect to whether it is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium? It is in HW equilibrium, it is not in HW equilibrium, or it could be in HW equilibrium. Show your work (allele counting) and explain why you chose the answer that you did. (6 pts) C. If we now instituted a program that brought students to WPUNJ from Princeton for our Biology classes, what do you think would happen to the p and q values for the S gene locus? Why and what is this phenomenon called? (2 pts) D. Six people survive a shipwreck (three males and three females). With respect to tongue rolling, one male is RR, one is Rr, and one is rr, and two females are Rr and one is RR. What are p and q in this population? If they landed on a desert island and had children who then had children and etc. through several generations what would you expect the p and q values to be in the 1000 people who now inhabit that island? Why and what is this phenomenon called? Show your work. (4 pts) E. If in the Koi pond, red fish (RR) were preferred as mating partners by all other fish and we had white fish (TT) migrating into the pond at a higher rate than the other two types (RR and Rr), we would be breaking two of the assumptions necessary for Hardy-Weinberg to apply. If our population was 75 red fish, 225 mottled, and 45 white fish, which of these two phenomena is dominating the skewing of HW equilibrium in this population and why? Note: you will have to calculate p and q by both the q2 method and allele counting to answer this question correctly. Show your work. (4 pts)

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