What contribution did Mendel have to the study of genetics? 2. What is homozygous? Heterozygous? Dominant? Recessive? Genotype? Phenotype? Autosome? Sex-chromosome? Co-dominance? Incomplete dominance? Test cross? 3. Be able to work out Punnett Square problems given the parent cross in a word problem. Be able to work backwards – predict the parent genotype from a given genotype(s) in the offspring-Practice Punnett square work sheet. 4. For a given gene, how many alleles do you get from each parent? 5. What are Sex-linked traits? What symbols would you use to represent this kind of inheritance? How does this effect the way genes are inherited between males and females? 6. Why patterns of gene inheritance are more complicated? 7 reasons 7. Be able to distinguish different genetic disorders caused by autosomal recessive and autosomal dominant 8. How chromosome structure is altered? Explain what are deletion, duplication, inversion and translocation. 9. What is aneuploidy? 10. What is Nondisjunction? What kind of human abnormalities caused by Non-disjunction? 11. What is Monosomy and trisomay? 12. Explain about Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Tumer syndrome, Triple XXX female and Xyy males

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