What is the approximate width of the paramecium? (shortest portion) a in mm 4 bin um Mo. c. Inm.001 11. Draw and label a representative of a starfish ego (plasma membrane, nucleus. nucleolus, cytoplasm) 12. What is the approximate diameter of the starfish egg? (show your calculations) membrane plasma Cytoplasma 13. Wha formula) nucleolus nuclew of the starfish egg? (show your calculations. Use the surface area 405 202.5mm a. in mm? 2 b. in um 14. Assuming that (1) one egg fits under the cover slip and that thickness of the egg is .1 mm, what is the volume of the egg? (show your calculations. Use the formula) XI 15. Now go to your “Slide Box” slots #1 and 12 and obtain the slide labeled “Human Blood Smear”. Focus it on scanning power then work your way to High Power. You will see a ‘sea’ of pink circles that look somewhat like doughnuts, these are RED BLOOD CELLS. As you move around in the field of view you will also see an occasional purplish circle with a darker irregular shaped center. This is a WHITE BLOOD CELL and the irregular shaped structure is the nucleus. What is the approximate diameter of a red blood cell? (Show your work) 16. What is the approximate diameter of a white blood cell?(Show your work) 17. Do different white blood cells have different diameters?

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