Shown below are four different stands of DNA that have been run through the gel for 5 minutes. Place the strands in size order from largest to smallest. la gest o smalles+ 3/ (8 pts) Briefly describe what centrifugation is and why we centrifuged our samples. -torind cur geno pe 4.) (13 pts) (ayThe TAS2R38 gene encodes what type of protein? aenenes ntonomde(a (b) Which type of cell typically expresses the protein encoded by the TAS2R38 gene? A Ihree nucleotide r SNP 3 (c) From which type of cells did we collect the TAS2R38 gene? from cheek cells or human cells. (d) If your answer for part (c) is different from part (b) briefly explain how we obtained the TAS2R38 gene from a cell type in which it is not expressed. twe consume TAS2R3 frem cur cheek cells tha iscores our genotype thed predcs our asting abilh uhch when one atlele is cut by the enzes Ts noproduueng a res tuccn rag n en- (6) (5 pts) What determines the size of a PCR product? the ampfied PCR prouct is cgese

What is the difference between an homunculus and a dermatome? (2pts) 11. What cell directs nerve regeneration in the PNS? (1 pt)

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