During meiosis what is the process that creates new combinations of alleles along a single chromosome?

crossing over
meiosis II
independent assortment

During which stage of meiosis do chromosomes align on the equator of a haploid cell?

metaphase I
metaphase II

What creates different combinations of maternal and paternal chromosomes in an organism’s gametes (i.e. its sperm or eggs)? In other words, this is why all sperm (or eggs) are not genetically identical, and why you look different from your siblings.

meiosis II
crossing over
independent assortment

What is an advantage of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction?

Sexual reproduction avoids the transmission of harmful alleles to offspring.
Sexual reproduction reduces genetic diversity.
Sexual reproduction allows for the undiluted, pure transmission of successful traits from one generation to the next.
Sexual reproduction increases the chance that a parent will transmit all their genes to an offspring.

What would happen at the end of meiosis I if the homologous chromosomes did not separate during anaphase?

Both daughter cells would be 4n.
Both daughter cells would be 2n.
One daughter cell would be 4n; the other would have no chromosomes.
One daughter cell would be 2n; the other would have no chromosomes.

Bacteria undergo meiosis.

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