What two reagents allow you to detect the following reaction? Peptone → ammonia A. OPA B. TSA C. TCA D. EMB E. TTC No. of tubes giving MPN index positive reaction for 100 ml (out of 5) 0 <2.2 1 2.2 2 5.1 3 9.2 4 16.0 5 >16.0 24. All five of your MPN tubes are cloudy, 1 has gas, and none are fluorescent. What can you conclude about this drinking water? Choose all that apply. A. Total MPN=2.2 B. Total MPN=<2.2 C. it is not potable D. it is potable E. E. coli is present 25. What two choices best describe the microbe (above) growing on blood agar with a complete clearing around its colony? A. a

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