Which of the following has microspores and megaspores? clubmosses mosses gymnosperms O typical ferns Question 15 (1 point) Which of the following differentiates seed plants from all other plants? they are vascular they are heterosporous their dominant generation is the sporophyte their spores do not leave their sporangia Question 16 (1 point) Which of the following structures is not present in gymnosperms? Omegasporangium micropyle ovule ovary In a gymnosperm, which of the following structures would contain the megasporangium? apical meristem O ovule archegoniophore pollen grain Question 18 (1 point) A pollen grain represents a(n): gametophyte O archegonium sporophyte antheridium Question 19 (1 point) Where is the embryo found in a gymnosperm? Omicropyle antheridium O pollen cone seed

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