Which of the following is normally secreted into the tubular fluid from the blood? A. Hydrogen ions B. Water Amino acids Glucose E. White blood cells 36. The glomerulus has a relatively high blood pressure compared to other capillaries in the body, because the: A. Hydrostatic pressure in Bowman’s capsule is high B. Glomerulus is relatively vasoconstricted The renal arteries have relatively small lumina D. The afferent arteriole is larger in diameter than the efferent arteriole E. All of the above are true 37. In the kidney, most glucose is reabsorbed at the: A. Glomerulus B. Proximal convoluted tubule C. Loop of Henle Distal convoluted tubule E. Collecting duct U Ali 38. An increased amount of sodium in the filtrate results in: A. A constriction of the efferent arterioles B. An increase in the release of nitrous oxide C. A dilation of the efferent arterioles A constriction of the afferent arterioles E. Vasodilation in the capillaries surrounding the loop of Henle 39. About of the body’s water is intracellular fluid (ICF). A. One-third B. Two-thirds One-quarter One-half E. None of the body’s water is intracellular u ei

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