Which of the following is not a tenet of Natural Selection? a. species produce more offspring than can survive b. offspring that inherit advantageous characteristics survive to reproduce c. individuals evolve over time d. Individuals possess variability e. at least some variability is heritable 2. Natural selection is a pattern of evolution: a. true b. false 3. All of the following except which one, is a characteristic of evolutionary change: a. proceeds in a branching pattern b. proceeded in a predictable pattern leading to humans c. takes place within populations d. unpredictability e. descent with modification 4. The evolution of whales from terrestrial animals is an example of geological replacement. a. true b. false 5. Phylogenetic trees: a. are not based on the concept of evolutionary change b. produce hypotheses of historical (evolutionary) changes in characters over time c. are plant based genetics d. are spectacular this time of year when the leaves change color e. are a system of beliefs about the relationships of taxa 6. “Intelligent Design” is a valid scientific theory: b. false a. true Focus

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