Which of the following is NOT an advantage of culturing cells in serum-free medium The absence of growth factors in serum allows more precise evaluation of a single added growth factor The a The absence of serum increases viscosity of the medium which buffers cells The absence of serum increases reproducibility of experiments A bsence of serum allows more precise examination of signal transduction D 14. Tet-ON and Tet-OFF systems are very similar in their overall design and use similar components. However, why is Tet-ON in many cases a superior approach than Tet-OFF? A B C D There can be residual mRNA that remains after activating a Tet-OFF construct Tet-OFF systems require more serum Tet-OFF systems more frequently result in excess expression of target proteins Tet-OFF systems are less stable 15, Why are scaffolding proteins so important in signal transduction pathways? A They reduce the need for a second messenger B They reduce the need for a ligand C They prevent proteolysis of the target D They bring together components of the pathway to maximize eff

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