chromosomes chromosomes 46. Most cells of the human body carry apiece; each oocyte and each sperm carry apiece. A. 23; 23 B. 23; 46 C. 46; 23 D. 46; 46 E. 42; 26.2 47. Which parts of the uterus get shed during menses? A. none of it – shedding is just a myth B. the functional layer of the endometrium, but not the basal layer C. the entire endometrium (functional layer and basal layer) D. the entire endometrium and part of the myometrium E. the entire uterus (endometrium, myometrium, and perimetrium) 48. How does a vasectomy prevent pregnancy? It cuts off the supply of seminal fluid, without which sperm cannot survive. It installs a molecular “chastity belt” around the oocyte. It prevents sperm from being produced. It prevents sperm from going through the urethra. 49. Which of the following is the location where sperm are first generated? A. efferent ductules (vasa efferentia) B. epididymis C. rete testis D. seminal glands E. seminiferous tubules

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