Which of the following statements is true about restriction enzymes? a. They catalyze the addition of a certain amino acid to a specific tRNA. b. They are very specific proteases that cleave peptides at only certain sequences. c. They act at the membrane to restrict the passage of certain molecules into the cell d. They are sequence-specific DNA endonucleases. e. They are highly specialized ribonucleases that degrade mRNA soon after its synthesis. . In DNA sequencing by the Sanger (dideoxy) method: a. the role of the dideoxy TTP is to occasionally terminate enzymatic synthesis of DNA where A occurs in the strands b. radioactive dideoxy ATP is included in each of four reaction mixtures before enzymatic synthesis of com strands c. the template DNA strand is radioactive. d. specific enzymes are used to cut the newly synthesized DNA into small pleces, which are then separate electrophoresis. e. the dideoxynucleotides must be present at high levels to obtain long stretches of DNA sequence.

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