What are the safest uncrossmatched blood products (types) to be issued, types) of RBC and 2. What pretransfusion tests should you perform? 3. The provider ordered 2 units of blood on Mr. Jenkins, determine how many units need to be tested to find 2 compatible units? You can round up the answer to a whole number? 4. Given the frequencies listed below, approximately how many ABO-compatible units would A. Plasma (FFP)? have to be tested to find one c. KJK(b) unit for this patient? Frequencies: e-C-2% K 91% Jk(b-)26% A. 50. B. 100. C. 150. D. 200. 5. The provider sent 2 type and screen samples to the blood bank and the screening came out positive. What action will you take as a precaution? 6. If you received a call from a nurse on the floor that Mr. Jenkins has developed high grade fever of 103°C and she believed that is related to the transfusion reaction. Elaborate what will you do? 7. Why is it considered bad to transfuse Rh negative patients with Rh positive Packed cells? 8. If Rh negative patients are transfused with Rh positive cells, what is the prophylaxis that is prescribed to desensitize the RBCS?

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