What are your estimated daily calorie needs?
2. Why is water considered an essential nutrient?
3. What are the functions of protein in the body? What can you do to avoid overconsumption of sugar?
4. Why is added sugar unhealthy? What diseases can occur due to consuming high amounts of added sugar?
5. What are some of the replacement (counterconditioning) tactics that can help cut back on our “want” of added sugar?
6. How can we raise consumer awareness that there is a discrepancy between the marketing of grain products and the actual contents of grain products for consumption?
7. How can companies be held to a better standard to be more honest regarding the contents of products?
8. If you had to give nutrition advice to the general public, what foods would you recommend for increasing fiber intake?
9. Average fiber intake for Americans is much lower than recommended levels. What are the reasons Americans consume lower than recommended amounts of fiber in their daily diet?

10. How might one’s living environment, cultural practices, socioeconomic status, and education level limit their consumption of fiber rich

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