1. The last common ancestor of all animals was probably a: a. Unicellular yeast b. Multicellular fungus c. Multicellular algae d. Flagellated Protist. e. Slime Mould


  1. Sponges are most accurately described as: a. Aquatic filter feeders b. Freshwater scavengers. c. Aquatic autotrophs d. Detritivores e. Marine predators.


  1. All of the following are advantageous of a body cavity except: a. Provides room for heart expansion. b. Increase protection of internal organs. c. Increase in complexity of the organ systems. d. Results in a radial body symmetry.


  1. The group known as Lophotrochozoa includes about 18 animal phyla and has a huge diversity of body forms. On what basis are all these animals thought to be in the same clade? a. Body cavity. b. DNA sequences. c. Type of skeleton. d. Embryo structure. e. Type of germ layers.
  2. Why do you think that samples from urine should be tested within 2 hours of collection, or if not possible, that the sample should be refrigerated?

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