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Explain why the Internet poses challenges to privacy, and what some technical solutions are to these challenges.

Describe your dream job and then provide a list of the types of stressors that you would expect to be present. How much of your salary, if any at all, would you give up to eliminate the most important hindrance stressors? Why? 

What are some clients requirement for creating a resource plan for Skiing equipment store

 Identify the potential (possible) market, establish customer needs, and then perform need analysis for the following devices: a. Cellphone charger powered by kinetic energy b. Automatic floor cleaner 2. Premature (early) birth is a growing problem in the Kingdom, affecting roughly 50,000 babies a year. These infants need incubators because their organs are not yet fully developed, and they are much more susceptible (at risk) to diseases and infections. Since these infants depend on incubators to survive, they cannot be removed from them even during transport. It is required to design a restraint (limit) system to keep these infants safe during transport, with a specific focus on protecting these infants in the event of an abrupt (unexpected) stop or accident. Carry out a need analysis, define the problem, and identify needed information to start the design phase.

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