In tomato, the recessive allele (o) is responsible in homozygous plants for elongated fruit production. The dominant allele (O) allows the production of round fruits. The compound inflorescence is the result of the action of a recessive gene (s), whereas the single inflorescence is due to its dominant allele (S). An elongated fruit with a single inflorescence is crossed with another round fruit variety with a compound inflorescence. The F1 individuals are then crossed with each other to give birth to an F2 generation. There are 271 plants that have been analyzed and the result is as follows: • 129 individuals with round fruits and simple inflorescence • 66 individuals with round fruit and compound inflorescence • 69 individuals with elongated fruits and simple inflorescence • 7 individuals with elongated fruits and compound inflorescence a. Estimate the approximate distance between the 2 genes by the square root method. b. Explain why the maximum recombination frequency between 2 genes cannot exceed 50%.

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