. In Drosophila, the genes sr (stripe thorax) and e (ebony body) are 8 m.u. apart on chromosome 3 and are recessive to wild type. A striped female homozygous for wild type body was crossed with an ebony male homozygous for wild type thorax. All of the offspring were phenotypically wild type. a. (8 points) What kind of gametes will be produced by the Fi females, and in what proportions? (8 points) What kind of gametes will be produced by the Fi males, and in what proportions? (in Drosophila, there is no crossing over in males) b.

What steps would you take to determine the lengths of DNA fragments? Be sure to include the technique that you would use to visualize the DNA and describe possible results.

How does the disruption of topological domain organization in WNT6/IHH/EPHA4/ PAX3 region result in gene misexpression?

Explain why two-dimensional gel electrophoresis is more sensitive analytical method than one-dimensinal gel electrophoresis.

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