. Which of the following statements is considered true of Neanderthals? A. They evolved into homo sapiens. B. They had smaller brains than homo sapiens (modern humans). C. They had some system of religious beliefs about afterlife. D. They emerged after the ice age. Question 2 of 20 Select the best answer for the question. 2. Some jellyfish have skeletons that are formed by fluid-filled compartments. This fluid resists compression and thus supports the body structure from deforming. Which term describes these skeletons? A. Fluid skeletons B. Exoskeleton C. Endoskeleton D. Hydrostatic skeletons NMarl fr roviowr ANilL bn hiahliohtod on. Question 3 of 20 Select the best answer for the question Creates art Bury their dead Extensive tool building Walks upright Hominini Homininae Hominidae: Great apes Tail lost Hominoidea: Apes Catarrhini: Old World monkeys and apes Primates Anthropoidea: Monkeys and apes 3. According to the cladogram of primates shown, which key cultural feature was shared exclusively by only homo sapiens and Neanderthals? A. Burying dead/religious beliefs B. Artistic creation c. Walking upright D. Tool building Mark for review (Will be highlighted on the review page) Rodents Lemurs Tarsier New World monkeys Old World monkeys Gibbons Orangutan Gorilla Chimp Bonobo Australopithecus Strepsirini Homo erectus Homo neanderthalensis Homo sapiens Select the best answer for the question. 4. Which statement about plant classification below is true? A. Not all nonvascular plants bear seeds, but all vascular plants do bear seeds. B. Not all angiosperms produce flowers, but all gymnosperms produce cones. C. No nonvascular plants bear seeds, but not all vascular plants bear seeds D. All vascular plants are angiosperms, but not all nonvascular plants are mosses. Question 5 of 20 Select the best answer for the question. 5. A difference between monocot and dicot angiosperm flowers that can help identify them is that dicots A. grow flowers with petals in multiples of 4s and 5s. B. don’t grow flowers. C. grow flowers with petals in multiples of 3s D. don’t grow pink flowers.

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