What features are NOT held in common by deuterostomes? Mouth develops from or near the blastopore Coelom budded off from the archenteron Radial and regulative cleavage Mesoderm derived from or with the endoderm from enterocoelic pouches None of the choices are deuterostome features. Question 18 Water enters the water vascular system of a sea star through a porous plate on the aboral surface called the Aristotle’s lantern ambulacrum madreporite anus pedicellariae Question 19 Members of the Subclass Branchiura are; O Predators. Parasites on other Arthropods. Parasites on fish. O Herbiverous. None of the above Question 20 The camel spiders or sun spiders belong to the order, Solifugae. Arachnida Acari. Araneae. Question 21 The following larvae belongs to the class, Echinoidea Crinoidea Ophiuroidea Holothuroidea Asteroidea Question 22 The arthropods, make up about three-fourths of all the known species of animals. are more widely and more densely distributed throughout the world than members of any other phylum of animals are segmented eucoelomate protostomes with well-developed organ systems All of the choices are correct Оооо

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