What does your body need oxygen for? A. Cells need it to produce the energy they need to function. B. Air flow aids in blood flow within the blood vessels. C. It produces iron oxide which is a vital nutrient for cell function. D. It produces hemoglobin, needed to carry carbon dioxide. E. It is necessary to aerate the brain. QUESTION 29 What is and what causes a concussion? A. A brain bruise; any sort of contact sport B. A brain bruise; repeated blows to the head C. A brain bruise; a hard blow to the head D. A brain bruise; dizziness and a severe headache E. A brain bruise; anything that causes the brain to bang into the inside of the skull Which are the likely consequences of insufficient fat in the diet of a victim of an eating disorder? A. Weight loss B. Bone thinning C. Disruption of the menstrual cycle D. Sterility E. All of the above Why is having a pollinator so important for a plant? A. Without pollinators, plants wouldn’t have much food. B. With one pollinator species per plant species, they can adapt very well to each other. C. Without pollinators we wouldn’t have much food. D. Plants don’t get fertilized any other way. E. Since plants don’t move, it’s one of their only ways of dispersing their population and avoiding inbreeding You are an advisor to the government of a developing country. What would you tell them to focus their resources on first in order to slow population growth and improve the health of the population? A. Improving overall sanitation and minimizing pollution B. Introducing birth control C. Developing a representative government D. Training or bringing in doctors and nurses E. Emphasizing women’s rights and their education

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