Order instructions

Give a brief description of L’oreal and its history-

a) Make a secondary data search: Share the necessary information found related to the Company (providing the resources).

Examine the mission and objectives of the Company. From Internet and other sources try to get valuable insight about the Company. Analyze the product mix, product lines and the brands of the Company. (7)

b) As the marketing team you are going to launch a new product in this company explain whether it is

– a product line extension/ OR o a brand extension/ OR a new brand under the same category or in a completely new sector. (3)

2 Give the snapshot of the sector and competitors –and other micro environmental factors ( if it is a company with several brands in different sectors, focus on the brand and sector you have chosen) (providing the resources). (10)

3 Provide info about the segmentation, target group and positioning of the new product.(12)

4 Make a detailed marketing strategy covering all of the elements of the marketing mix of the company.

a. Product ( any thing about the product that you are going to launch.) (15)

b Price (6)

c Place (6)

d Promotion (covering the elements of marketing communication mix) (15)

5 SWOT of the new product/ Brand. (6)

6 Explain the research that you carry out at different steps and discuss the research method that you use (the results can be imaginative in order to support your decisions).(5)

* Write precisely the division of work in the group at the end of the Project.

The grading will be based on both the word paper and the presentation (the neatness and cleanliness, comprehensiveness of the paper and the slides, the explanation ot them, the time management )

Neatness and orderliness of the term paper (5)

Presentation format and clearliness (10)