Question 16 of 20 Select the best answer for the question. 16. Plants have many different hormones that influence their growth, development, and life cycle. For example, a cluster of over-ripe bananas on the counter can cause a newer apple to begin to ripen more quickly and go bad. Which hormone below is found in many fruits and can become airborne and cause over-ripening and abscission? A. Auxin B. Abscisic acid C. Ethylene D. Cytokin Question 17 of 20 Select the best answer for the question. 17. Which of the following best describes why invertebrates isn’t considered a scientifically valid word when classifying animals? A. The term invertebrates describes all animals, so is not helpful in classifying organisms within the animal kingdom B. The term invertebrates classifies animals haphazardly based on a missing characteristic rather than a common one. C. The term invertebrates is too vague, since all animals evolved from single-celled organisms without a backbone. D. The term invertebrates is unhelpful because all animals possess some sort of backbone or notochord. Question 18 of 20 Select the best answer for the question. 18. Most animals and plants reproduce sexually. This means that DNA is passed down to new organisms from two parental organisms. Which of the following is a key advantage of sexual reproduction? A. The elimination of genetic mutations from a parent organism B. Increased genetic diversity for changing environments C. The receipt of the strongest genes from both parents for survival D. The creation of new genes to improve survival Select the best answer for the question. TREE TRUNKS STRUCTURE Heartwood Sapwood Dead bark – Live bark Pith Cambium- Medullary rays Growth rings 19. In tree rings, like those shown, each “ring” of growth represents what? A. Two years of growth B. One year of growth C. One season of growth D.One month of growth Question 20 of 20 Select the best answer for the question. 20. Seeds can grow into which of the following types of plants? A. Angiosperms and gymnosperms B. Angiosperms and ferns C. Gymnosperms and mosses D. Gymnosperms and liverwort O Mark for review (Will be highlighted on the review page)

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