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INFORMATION SYSTEMS33.Chief information officer4.Programming Exercise 3There are many information systems that I interact with every day. Some of these information systems include computers, mobile phones, printers, tablets, mouse and so on. The key technology driving information systems is IT technology. Its specialists are hardly working to discover new IT technologies and use automation processes to ensure they achieve the best in information systems.Chapter 2 – study questions 1-10, Exercise 2Study questions 1-101. What information systems hardware means.Information systems hardware is the touchable part of an information system, including technological components such as keyboards and computers.2. The shift toward mobility in computing This has been led by the rise of tablets and smartphones.3. The Moore’s Law impact The law’s impact on various hardware components is that it has participated in making smaller devices that are cheaper and functioning faster.4. One of the items linked to in the “Integrated Computing” section.Strong State Drives (SSD)The SSD is a device that utilizes integrated assembled circuits to store data in semiconductor cells, ordinarily utilizing flash memory permanently (Bourgeois, 2019). SSD is generally a new part getting more normal in some PCs and capacities as optional stockpiling in INFORMATION SYSTEMS4the pecking order of PC stockpiling. The SSD plays out a similar capacity as a hard disk: long haul stockpiling. The SSD utilizes flash memory rather than turning disks, which is a lot quicker.SSDs are normally more impervious to physical stun, run quietly, and have snappier access time and lower inactivity when contrasted with the electro mechanical drives.The price of the SSDs today is somehow higher than hard disks. Nevertheless, flash memory utilization rather than disks makes them a lot lighter and quicker than hard disks. SSDs are essentially used in convenient PCs, making them lighter and more proficient. A few PCs join the two stockpiling advances, utilizing the SSD for the most gotten to information, for example, operating system while utilizing the hard disk for information that is gotten to less oftentimes. Likewise, with any innovation, Moore’s Law is driving up limit and speed and bringing down costs of strong state drives, which will permit them to multiply in the coming years.5. The personal computer is a commodity Today, a personal computer is referred to as a commodity because the computer has become a commodity, and its price is the main factor that regulates its sale.6. The CPU The CPU is the computer’s brain7. The units of measure for data storage1.Gigahertz2.Kilohertz3.Megahertz8. The bus of a computer The bus of a computer is the use of electricity to connect various components of the computer.9. RAM and hard disk differences.INFORMATION SYSTEMS51.The hard disk is non-volatile, while RAM is volatile.2.Access of data in RAM is faster when contrasted with the hard disk.10. Solid-state drives advantages over hard disks?1.High speed2.Faster access to data INFORMATION SYSTEMS6Exercise 2INFORMATION SYSTEMS7INFORMATION SYSTEMS8INFORMATION SYSTEMS9INFORMATION SYSTEMS10Information Technology and Organizational Learning Chapter 1Five key lessons learned.i) Programming: The information systems chapter helped to understand programming is created and its concept. It is important to understand the programming concept because it helps to know how the information system is created. ii) Technology integration: I learned how technology resources, such as mobile devices and computers, can be useful in various ways. It is important to learn the concept of technology integration since innovation can be used to do research.INFORMATION SYSTEMS11iii) Use of stored databases: Data stored in electronic devices can be used in various ways. It is important to learn about stored data because it is used to give out any needed information.iv) Globalization and the digital divide: Today, the internet is used everywhere across the world. It is important to learn about this concept since globalization, and the digital divide is highly being embraced in the market through the use of the internet for business purposes.v) World Wide Web: This concept has been embraced for sharing information over the internet. It is good to learn about the concept since the World Wide Web has become a common platform for sharing information worldwide.Chapter 2The IT organizational structure Everyone needs to understand the concept of IT organizational structure because it is a form of guidance. IT organizational structure lays out the organization’s formal reporting relationships that control the flow of work (Langer, 2017).The IT role in the overall business strategy is providing a blueprint of how innovation shapes and supports the general business procedure of an organization. Its key objectives should reflect business ventures and consider the necessities of main stakeholders.

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