Have you ever noticed that the Moon and the Sun appear to be the same size as viewed from the Earth? How can this be ? After all, the Moon’s diameter is only about 3,476 km across !!! (Hint: Why is it that the Earth is the only planet in our solar system that can have a total solar eclipse?)

The seismographs below shows the record of an earthquake recorded on a seismic station in San Diego (SOL). In this exercise you will learn how to read a seismograph and pick out the different types of wave arrivals – by the end of the activity you will be on your way to becoming a seismologist! Earthquake #1 Recorded at Station SOL (San Diego) Transverse Hamper un peu Radial Amplitude Hanyamala Vertical 0 20 40 Time (minutes) 5. What are the directions of ground shaking recorded in this seismogram? What do they mean? Draw a picture (or multiple pictures) to explain your answer.

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