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o were uifePent from uwaielless of diversity in the organization. These behaviors were consistent with the overall approach and culture of the company. Management at H Handbags also wanted the performance measures to produce consistent results. To ensure this consistency, they did two things. First, they had multiple raters evaluate the same individual to ensure that they gave similar ratings. Then, they evaluated individuals across multiple time periods to review the consistency of the ratings over time. Finally, management at Heavenly Handbags wanted to make sure that employees could understand why they were being evaluated on each factor, including sales, service, diversity, and interpersonal skills they also wanted to be sure that employees felt that the measures of these factors were fair As a first step. Heavenly Handbags clearly identified the guidelines and expectations that would be used in evaluating performance Having more than one rater evaluate the same individual is a way to assess which of the following? Multiple Choice Prev | 5 6 7 9:of15 ??? Next >

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