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how to debate this representation to protect the idea: I agree that emotional intelligence is reliable in predicting important behaviour and improving job performance.

“Now we as today’s opposition strongly believe that emotional intelligence is not a reliable index. In today’s society, the working environment is becoming more complex based on business journals (2020) the author has classified factors affecting business environment into 3 main sections including macro-environment such as political factors, economy or technology, and external environment such as competitors, customers, suppliers and last but not least internal environment such as human resources, management, marketing, and so on are all factors that influence the employee’s working attitude and emotions. Therefore, we can conclude that in order to adapt to a complex and volatile environment, employees must change their work attitudes every second. After that, the knowledge about EQ has to be clarified evidently which is an indicator that indicates the ability to understand and manage emotions of yourself and others. Moreover, among the factors contributing to the formation of emotional intelligence, self-management is one of those five dimensions which is the ability to manage one’s own emotions and impulses(Robbins, 2019) which is also impossible in situations that the HRM department uses emotional intelligence (EQ) to evaluate an employee’s job performance. Obviously, HRM’s main purpose is to build the professional working style and positive attitude of each employee leading to the company can achieve its goals most effectively and efficiently.With the two main arguments being human behavior that is adaptable and difficulty in controlling emotions, additionally with the main purpose of the HRM department, thus we can deduce that the HRM department using the EQ index to predict behavior and improve job performance of each employee will not produce an accurate outcome “

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