Question 11 of 20 Select the best answer for the question. 11. Which of the following behaviors is not an inherited behavior? O A. A great white shark swimming in the ocean B. Humans eating with utensils C. Canada geese migrating in cold weather D.A mouse burrowing underground to nest Question 12 of 20 Select the best answer for the question. 12. Fish respiratory systems exchange gas and receive oxygen at the gills. This oxygen then enters the blood stream and is pumped through the heart and back through the gills without first returning to the heart. This order of events best describes which type of circulation system? A. Double loop B. Single loop C. Open D. Recycling Mark for review (Will be highlighted on Question 13 of 20 Select the best answer for the question. 13. Which of the following is not a required process for the survival of animals? A. Elimination of waste B. Absorption of nutrients and oxygen C. Movement D. Response to stimuli . A:I : : a- : Question 14 of 20 Select the best answer for the question. 14. Land-based plants must have mechanisms to disperse and scatter their seeds so that new plants don’t grow in the shadow of old plants. Which of the following do gymnosperms, such as pine trees, rely on to disperse fertilized seed cones? A. Seed wing structures B. Animals, seed wings, and wind C. Wind D. Animals that eat the seeds Question 15 of 20 Select the best answer for the question. 15. A lone male wolf, who doesn’t have a pack, travels the forest. When he reaches a new hill that he hasn’t been on before, he spends a large amount of time sniffing the trees and rock outcrops. Finally, he turns and heads back from where he came, recognizing this is the territory of another wolf. What’s most likely responsible for communicating this information to the wolf? A. Language B. Markings on the trees C. Pheromones D. The tracks of other wolves on the hill AAI’LL. I.L.L

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