Vesicular transport occurs through budding of clathrin-coated vesicles from eucaryotic plasma membrane through various types of proteins including adaptins, clathrin, and dynamin-GTP which are added to the membrane preparation. What would happenes if these are mutated or omitted (A) adaptins? (B) clathrin? (C) dynamin? (D) What would you observe if the plasma membrane were from bacteria? counted clathrin coat MONG VESICLE FORMATION adaptin cargo receptor adaptin naked transport verside dynamin CYTOSOL EXTRACELLULAR SPACE cargo molecules 2- Ion channels serve many functions. Therefore, their dysfunction can cause diseases in many tissues. Write briefly (not more than half a page) about one of these human diseases known to be associated with defects in ion channels and mention the following: (A) Brief description about the disease (B) Location (C) Ion channel name and type

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